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News from the Charles F. Hayden School


Many new and exciting programs are underway at the Charles F. Hayden School, our comprehensive educational and clinical day school for students in kindergarten through 9th grade. 

Applebee’s Vocational Partnership

The school recently launched a new vocational partnership with Applebee’s restaurant in Orange to help our students gain real-world job experience. One morning per week, a group of three to six students travel to Applebee’s and help workers prep the restaurant before it opens. The group performs a variety of job readiness tasks, including cleaning windows, floors and tables.

In addition to supervision by Hayden faculty, students are managed by an on-site Applebee’s manager. This job-skills training helps students gain a sense of responsibility, accountability and confidence, with the ultimate goal of creating a smoother transition into future real-world employment.

Coffee Break: Boys & Girls Village’s Weekly Coffee Shop

In order to become eligible to participate in the Applebee’s vocational program, students must first demonstrate that they are prepared by participating in “Coffee Break,” a weekly coffee shop at Boys & Girls Village managed by students at the Hayden School.

Each week, a group of ninth graders set up Coffee Break and are responsible for the service, sales and clean-up of the shop, which is open to faculty and staff at our Milford campus. The program is designed to help teach students about the various aspects of the food service industry, including food sanitation skills, social skills and customer interaction.

Students also market Coffee Break by creating fliers to hang up around campus and by encouraging fellow students and staff to stop by. The money earned from sales and tips goes back into the shop or towards fun incentives like pizza parties for participating students.

“Both programs have been successful in helping prepare students for the workforce outside of academics,” said Jon Oddo, Boys & Girls Village Educational and Vocational Director. “We hope the Applebee’s program will expand as more students make the transition over from Coffee Break.”

Hayden Huskies Basketball

The Hayden School also recently launched a co-ed student basketball team called the Hayden Huskies. The program currently consists of seven to ten players in grades 6-9 and is designed as a reward for students who meet academic and behavioral goals. Several faculty members serve as coaches, including Physical Education Teacher Vincent Lindsley, who incorporates basketball fundamentals into his physical education curriculum.

The Hayden Huskies play in a league with other area private schools with programs similar to the Hayden School. With basketball season almost over, they hope to continue the program in the fall with another successful season!

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