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Employee Testimonials


“Coming to BGV doesnít feel like work and that makes the job that much easier and happier. I have been given the capabilities, trust, resources, and supports to develop events such as Breast Cancer awareness, a Veteranís Day show, Black History Month fair, and Dr. Seuss events; incentives like student of the month, and lessons in all content areas which allow us to take field trips to the Zoo, Pez Factory, and Discovery Museum all to be able to improve the students I work with. These supports allow me to provide for the students the knowledge and opportunities for advancement and development of character to lead our future, the same experiences I was given. With consistent feedback I am able to continue to advance and learn each day. Through frequent trainings I am given the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge that make me an effective teacher to my students and the staff around me. I am empowered with the ability to continuously be challenged, grow, and to improve while knowing that moving forward I donít have just a job, but I have a career with opportunities for advancement and growth in various departments to last for as long as I can work. ”

Kerry, Special Education Teacher, Day School

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