Boys and Girls Village

Employee Testimonials


I am currently a Clinician Intern in the MST PSB Program at Boys & Girls Village. I started working with children when I was age 18 and became a lifeguard. I was helping children with swimming lessons and enjoyed working with kids. In college I focused on psychology and continued to work with children through teaching swimming lessons and also working at a daycare. After I graduated from college I worked at two non-profit agencies before joining Boys & Girls Village. I joined Boys & Girls Village because I heard about the great reputation it has as a non-profit helping at risk children through its many programs. I am always looking for professional growth and at Boys & Girls Village I can learn while I’m actually loving what I’m doing. I’ve been challenged in my positions here and have experienced how to think ‘out of the box’. My current job is very different than my first job at Boys & Girls Village which was in IICAPS. Both of my jobs had been great opportunities and have much variety. And I must mention that my co-workers here are knowledgeable and our team gets together to find solutions to problems plus my boss is always available.

Hugo, Clinician, MST PSB


I have been with the agency for over eleven years. Being in the social work field I have always been passionate about effecting change in the lives of the children and families that I serve. I came from a state agency where flexibility and ingenuity weren’t always encouraged or allowed within the strict guidelines that employees had to follow. Boys & Girls Village has been always been a staunch advocate for the well-being of children and families; preserving the vision and legacy of the Adley’s and Sheriff Slavin who started this agency over 72 years ago. That rich heritage was one of the first things that endeared me to this agency when I was looking for career opportunities eleven years ago. I happily joined this agency knowing the reputation of not only stellar work by capable individuals, but creativity and inclusivity were also embraced and encouraged. The transferring of clinical knowledge and skills were valuable assets to me as I embarked on a change in my social work career when I began employment here. The opportunities afforded to me at this agency based on my experience and talent have been instrumental in my making the decision to begin my graduate studies this fall. The supportive and positive environment cultivated by upper management has allowed me to expand my professional scope and realize my full potential; affirming my valued contribution to this agency. I look forward to many more years here at Boys & Girls Village.

Yvette, Director of Foster Care Services, TFC


I have been with the agency for approximately two years. This is the first opportunity I have had to use my degree to make true change in the lives of the children and families that I serve. Boys & Girls Village has always been a leader in the well-being of children and families which are what drove me to this agency after spending several years in another non-profit agency. During my tenure I have been afforded many opportunities for trainings, advancement, and committee work. The agency takes pride in its employees with events such as Staff Appreciation Day, serving lunch for the staff weekly during a renovation project in the Bridgeport facility, excellent benefit packages, and so much more. The work is hard but rewarding when you see the difference you make right in front of you. The supportive and positive environment cultivated by upper management is what sets this agency apart from others I have been involved in. There is always the opportunities for growth here at Boys & Girls Village and promotion from within is something the agency takes pride in. I look forward to many more years here at Boys & Girls Village.

Mark, Program Coordinator, Work to Learn


When my husband passed away in 2005, I suddenly found myself alone with three children and no means of financial support. I was amazed by my children’s resilient recovery and became inspired to help other children in crisis. It was then, that I joined Boys & Girls Village (BGV) as a clinician in Therapeutic Foster Care. From day one, I worked hard and BGV provided me with incredible guidance. The Agency encouraged my decision to further my education and attend graduate school. Without their support, this would not have been an option. I worked full-time, attended night classes and cared for my three children, in a constant effort to reach my goals. Over the past nine years, I have advanced in my career at BGV, as their infrastructure developed. They have been a source of motivation and continually embraced my career objectives. Today, as Director of In-Home Services, I help the children and families BGV serves to reach their full potential. I also work closely with Juvenile Court Systems to support at-risk youth, across Connecticut. My dedication to BGV and passion for its mission has been passed down to my son, Joseph. Currently, he is employed at Boys & Girls Village as a Milieu Supervisor. Life has taught me to “never give up.” And, I am very proud to say that I make every effort to instill this mindset in both my own children and my BGV children.

Susan, Director, Intensive In-Home Services


I have been with Boys & Girls Village for two years. I started out as a clinician in IICAPS working in the home with children and adolescents and then transitioned into the role of Clinician at the Extended Day Treatment Program working with groups of kids ages 5-14 facilitating therapeutic groups. Boys & Girls Village(BGV) gave me the opportunity right out of graduate school to help me achieve hours towards licensure (with supervision), provide me with a generous salary and benefits package, and connect me to invaluable trainings both online and in person that have sharpened and increased my skill set exponentially. I actually look forward to coming to work every day, which is not something a lot of people can say! The supervisors at BGV are incredibly mindful of each staff member and do their best to keep communication open, which helps us feel appreciated and heard. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement and growth within the agency which is so important especially to people like me who are just starting out in their careers and are interested in gaining as much experience as possible. BGV is a pioneer when it comes to knowing and executing what's new and valuable in this field. It is exciting to be a part of this agency as they continue to bring hope and healing to families in our community.

Emily, Clinician, Extended Day Therapy Program


I have had a passion to work with children for many years and have an intuitive connection with children. I came from a big family and in high school I started working with children in sports and developed into a role model. I have continued to be a role model to children, especially those children who have experienced trauma and other challenges. I have worked with children in other settings but I feel that Boys & Girls Village is different. The focus at Boys & Girls Village is not just behavioral but also therapeutic which is very effective. I have seen our clients grow and become stronger which is very rewarding. The Residency Program where I work has an amazing staff that are professional, work as a team and are committed to helping the children. I’m proud to be working at Boys & Girls Village and plan to be here as the agency continues to grow.

Tyshawn, Milieu Coordinator, Residency Program


Coming to BGV doesn’t feel like work and that makes the job that much easier and happier. I have been given the capabilities, trust, resources, and supports to develop events such as Breast Cancer awareness, a Veteran’s Day show, Black History Month fair, and Dr. Seuss events; incentives like student of the month, and lessons in all content areas which allow us to take field trips to the Zoo, Pez Factory, and Discovery Museum all to be able to improve the students I work with. These supports allow me to provide for the students the knowledge and opportunities for advancement and development of character to lead our future, the same experiences I was given. With consistent feedback I am able to continue to advance and learn each day. Through frequent trainings I am given the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge that make me an effective teacher to my students and the staff around me. I am empowered with the ability to continuously be challenged, grow, and to improve while knowing that moving forward I don’t have just a job, but I have a career with opportunities for advancement and growth in various departments to last for as long as I can work.

Kerry, Special Education Teacher, Day School


Growing up I had always gone back and forth on career goals. I have always enjoyed helping others in the community and seeing others grow by sharing my knowledge of what I have learned, whether it’s through sports or “a way of life”. When it came time to choose a career I chose to get my undergraduate degree in Psychology. One day after school I was talking with my professor about what I can do next with my degree. “Grad school!” she replied, “or you can go to work for an agency and see exactly what you want to do moving forward. There is an agency called Boys & Girls Village (BGV) in Milford you should look into.” Needless to say I never looked back. Boys & Girls Village has changed the way I look at life. BGV has given me so many opportunities to grow my career and my personal life. I started in the Bridgeport location working for the Extended Day Treatment Program, where I had amazing leadership all around me. When I asked if I can see how case management works to further my skills in the field, they whole heartedly shared openings in the Intensive Family Preservation Program. Later I worked for the residency program for a few years and then progressed to a promotion to an Educational Coordinator for the Charles F. Hayden lower school. Through my time here the leadership in each and every program has been tremendous. I further my career in such a wonderful agency. Boys & Girls Village is a true village with the professionalism, leadership, and dedication from all the staff.

Barry, Education Milieu Supervisor, Day School