Boys and Girls Village


Boys & Girls Village (‘BGV’) children and families benefit from a broad range of services including behavioral health services, educational and vocational programs and permanency planning. All of our programs share a common goal, which is to treat the whole child in order to create a path for a brighter future.

Personalized Care

Through BGV’s core values of Commitment, Innovation and Expertise we ensure that the services are quality driven, effective and meet our families’ needs. Whether it is a youth who is experiencing severe emotional distress, a child unable to learn in their local school or a family needing to find a way to ensure they stay together; staff along with families develop individualized pathways of care which are strength based and respect their unique, critical and ethnic perspective. 

BGV gives more kids more opportunities to create new and better futures through our unique programs:

Behavioral Health Services

  • Evidence based treatment programs, after school programming and trauma based behavioral health services.


  • K-12th grade state approved special education school and vocational and transitional coaching.

Permanency Planning

  • Statewide therapeutic foster & kinship care and family preservation and reunification programs.


  • Programs designed to provide vocational services to assist youth to successfully transition into adulthood.

Juvenile Justice

  • Operating in partnership with the State’s Court Support Services Division, BGV runs programs to keep youth out of detention centers and on successful pathways to adulthood.