Boys and Girls Village

Our Leadership Staff

The leadership staff at Boys & Girls Village is dedicated to providing the guidance and direction necessary to ensure that our programs provide the children and families we serve with the highest quality service possible.

Kim Shaunesey, Ph.D. »

President & CEO

David Borzellino, LMFT, AADC »

Vice President of Juvenile Justice Services

Carra Conlan, LCSW »

Vice President of Community Services & Quality Management

Daniel French, Ph. D. »

Vice President of Educational and Vocational Services

Steven M. Kant, M.D. »

Chief Medical Officer

Gino Pelaccia »

Vice President of Facilities & Security

Fay Seaforth, MS »

Vice President of Human Resources

Melonie K. Bland, NCC, LPC »

Director of Evidence-Based Services

Josh Clemens, MBA »

Director of Compliance

Monika Edman »

Director of Education, K- 8

Shonne Gibson »

Campus Milieu Director

Bridgette Jackson, LMFT »

Director of Residency Services

Jennifer Kopazna, LCSW »

Director of Facility Based Services

Jason Morgan »

Director of Information Technology

Dusan Velickovic »

Director of Business Intelligence

Lisa Wilson, LCSW »

Director of School Clinical Services

Yvette Wooten, MSW »

Director of Permanency Services