Boys and Girls Village

Current Openings

At Boys & Girls Village, we understand that children and families are the cornerstones of our society. Since 1942, it has been our mission to preserve and strengthen family bonds. As a leader in services for troubled youth and their families, we continually strive to develop a seamless continuum of care. Boys & Girls Village offers an array of services for children and their families. These services range from highly structured sub-acute services on campus to intensive intervention and care in the home and the community. Our broad range of programs and services are designed to work collaboratively with families, state and local agencies, and other community providers.

Clinician Bilingual- ASBTEP

Boys & Girls village is looking for a Master's Level Clinician to provide Case Management and Sexuality Education for 1 to 3 months for youth and individualized clinical and case management services in the home to the youth including other individuals in his/her natural support system. The Clinician provides the above plus Individualized Treatment to youth for 3 – 12 months. We offer increased compensation for Bilingual staff.

Clinician- IICAPS

Master’s degree in Marriage and Family, Clinical Counseling, or equivalent. Must be licensed or license eligible. Perform evaluations and treatment of children, parents, and families Carry a case load of 8 to 9 cases; averaging 5.5 hours of direct service per week per case. Provides psycho therapeutic services to families through individual, family, group or play therapy to promote change in the family system.

Job Coach- Youth

Bachelor's level candidate able to work both independently and as a team. Must be reliable and passionate about working with at risk teens. Detail oriented, organized, and able to balance case management while overseeing a youth run business. Valid driver's license and clean driving record required. Bilingual preferred. This position involves teaching and guiding youth in the use of computer design software and printing equipment

Clinician- MDFT

Master's Degree and licensed eligible. The MDFT program is a family focused, ecologically oriented evidence based model effective in the treatment of children/adolescents between the ages of 9 and 18 with substance abuse and/or dependence issues, or with disruptive behaviors and/or comorbid psychiatric issues who are at risk for substance abuse. MDFT is designed to reduce the influence of factors that place a child/adolescent at risk for substance abuse while strengthening the presence of protective factors, such as supporting a positive parent-child relationship.


The Milieu Nurse provides nursing services and administers medication as needed in a residential treatment facility . The milieu nurse is also responsible for directly engaging with youth in care and assisting them in developing adaptive living skills. The milieu nurse also actively supervises, monitors, and manages crisis situations calmly and therapeutically in conjunction with the mental health workers. The milieu nurses are part of a multi-disciplinary team who work together to provide therapeutic services throughout a client’s stay.

Special Education Teacher

Certified Special Education Teacher to be responsible for the assessment, planning, programming and provision of special education instruction in a milieu model of specialized services. DSAP, Initial, Provisional or professional CT State Special Education Teaching Certification required. Bachelor's degree in special education required. Master's degree is preferred.

IICAPS Mental Health Counselor

Bachelors level position to provide intensive in home services to children and adolescents who because of the complexity and severity of the psychiatric needs are at risk for hospitalization; to prevent hospitalization or need for other institutional levels of care and to maximize community functioning.

Mental Health Worker/Mentor AGENCY

Entry level Mentor acts as a role model for and reinforces the youth’s individual needs plan. They drive youth to court, appointments and recreational trips. They are responsible for directly supervising and engaging with youth and assisting them in developing adaptive living skills. The Youth Mentor also actively supervises, monitors, and manages crisis situations. The REGIONS residential program will provide a home-like environment with a therapeutic based milieu for JJ involved male adolescents with a rehabilitation and treatment focus

Residency Housekeeper

The Housekeeper performs daily, weekly and monthly housekeeping tasks for the REGIONS House and Safe Haven. The Housekeeper will wash, dry, and fold bed linens, comforters, and towels. The Housekeeper will provide support as needed in other areas of the Milford campus.

HR Generalist

The Human Resources Generalist is responsible for performing HR-related duties on a professional level and works closely with other members of the HR team supporting the overall mission of the organization. This position carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: benefits administration, HRIS, workers compensation and training compliance.

Clinician- REGIONS

The Masters Level Clinician will conduct needs assessments, work with youth and family in developing plan of care and provide short-term, solution focused interventions. Responsible for synthesizing all information gathered into the assessment process, and conduct individual and family counseling.

Outpatient Clinician- Full Time

 Licensed or licensed eligible clinician to provide clinical services to individuals and families.  Emphasis is on providing treatment for problem sexual behavior youth whether on-site in Bridgeport or at an alternative facility such as CJTS.  Also provides evidence based treatments such as CF-TSI or TF-CBT for trauma victims and may work off-site with other programs to provide comprehensive metal health services to their clients.

Parent Educator Norwalk

Bachelors Level Parent Educator will provide the Circle of Security and Positive Parenting Program curriculum interventions in both individual and group settings. In addition, the Parent Educator will provide necessary case management.

School Psychologist/Board Certified Behavior Analyst

The School Psychologist/Board Certified Behavior Analyst functions as an instructional leader on a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. The School Psychologist/Board Certified Behavior Analyst will be responsible for the assessment, planning, programming and provision of special education services, behavior plans, functional behavioral assessments/analysis and data collection systems. The School Psychologist/Board Certified Behavior Analyst will be responsible for consulting to and collaborating with classroom staff in delivering behavior plans focused on data driven decision making, progress monitoring systems and empirically validated research practices.

Program Coordinator- IICAPS

The IICAPS coordinator provides clinical supervision to 2-3 IICAPS teams as well as direct services to approximately 4 families ensuring fidelity to the Yale model and compliance with Medicaid and other billing regulations. Coordinator assists the Director with managing the productivity of the IICAPS teams and assists with chart audits to ensure that documentation is complete and up to date.

Program Manager- MDFT

The Program Manager is a licensed masters level mental health professional who directs and supervises the professional and administrative activities of the therapists and therapist assistants according to the MDFT model and consistent with contractual, licensing and payer obligations/requirements. The Program Manager will provide direct service as needed.

Program Manager- IICAPS

The IICAPS program manager is responsible for the overall management of the IICAPS program under the direction of the Director. They provide clinical supervision for up to 5 IICAPS teams including direct services to families when needed, ensure fidelity to the Yale model and compliance with Medicaid and other billing regulations. They manage the overall productivity of the IICAPS teams and also oversee chart auditing and ensure that documentation is complete and up to date. The IICAPS manager oversees the gathering of CQ1 measures.