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BGV's Statement About Social and Healthcare Equity

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Boys & Girls Village recognizes that our clients experience widespread disparities in healthcare and social justice. Unfortunately, these disparities have become intensified in recent times. BGV is committed to identifying the presence of these disparities and work with our partners and families to provide relief. We do this by engaging in the following:

  • Engage in statewide trainings to develop and update an Equity and Inclusion Plan
  • Train all of our staff on Cultural Awareness and Understanding
  • Strive for a diverse staff and board that mirrors our clients
  • Continue to provide direct services to families in underserved communities, which has been our core business for over 75 years
  • Partner with formal and informal supports to obtain resources for our clients
  • Participate in Statewide meetings and initiatives with other agencies to collaboratively identify and address concerns
  • Work with stakeholders to identify gaps in services and develop solutions

While this is not an exhaustive list, BGV remains committed to and will continue to strive to build communities that are inclusive and which all residents have equal access to needed supports and resources.


Kim Shaunesey, Ph.D.
President & CEO