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Special Education Teacher

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At Boys & Girls Village, we understand that children and families are the cornerstones of our society. Since 1942, it has been our mission to preserve and strengthen family bonds. As a leader in services for troubled youth and their families, we continually strive to develop a seamless continuum of care. Boys & Girls Village offers an array of services for children and their families. These services range from highly structured sub-acute services on campus to intensive intervention and care in the home and the community. Our broad range of programs and services are designed to work collaboratively with families, state and local agencies, and other community providers.



Charles F. Hayden School is committed to serving children through a psycho-educational, clinically informed therapeutic milieu. Collaborative educational planning and placement teams including families and district personnel design Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) for every student.



The Special Education Teacher functions as an instructional leader on a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. The Certified Special Education Teacher will be responsible for the assessment, planning, programming and provision of special education instruction in a milieu model of specialized services.  Additionally, the Certified Special Education Teacher will serve in the ongoing development and assessment of curriculum and learning.




  1. Works as part of a multidisciplinary team in the classroom.
  2. TEAM participant/mentoring (as needed) for beginning teachers.
  3. Provide draft goals and objectives to PPT and Core Curriculum through engaging instructional experiences to promote students exploration of ideas and acquisition of the necessary knowledge to achieve their full potential.
  4. Develop and implements within the student, fundamental critical thinking and problem solving techniques and lessons while utilizing specific curriculum/materials which address individualized IEP goals and objectives.
  5. Documents daily lesson plans.
  6. Develops and implements interdisciplinary thematic learning curriculum and unwrap Common Core State Standards using Charles F. Hayden Curriculum.
  7. Designs and scores rubrics for all students in line with SDE standards and Charles F. Hayden School thematic education.
  8. Promote open communication with families through telephone calls, written communication regarding academic and behavioral progress.  At least one call per week must be documented as a memo to chart in Carelogic.
  9. Attend all team meetings, teacher rounds, relevant training and seminars in an effort to exercise and promote the highest level of professional development and judgement.
  10. Engage in professional development plan planning as outlined in Charles F. Hayden School Professional Development Plan to enhance professional skills and expertise.
  11. Assist with peer support for co-teaching staff in curricular design.
  12. Provide classroom-based instructional leadership training of paraprofessionals to support IEP goals and classroom social skill mastery and academic growth and achievement.
  13. Prepares all reports and documents related to role responsibilities in accordance with quality guidelines and due date postings.
  14. Other duties may be assigned by the principal to serve Charles F. Hayden School needs
  15. Implements the Boys & Girls Village Social Skills model and provides crisis support as needed.
  16. Implements safety plans, ICMP’s and other Behavioral plans as needed.
  17. Formally and informally assesses child’s basic foundation of skills utilizing assessment results to determine educational needs and related modifications per PPT recommendation.
  18. Provide input into the development of the IEP, incorporating assessment (as described above) with appropriate services and curricula.
  19. Maintains the IEP including updated mastery and ongoing re-evaluation to preserve document integrity and compliance as per I.D.E.A. and State mandates.
  20. Conduct and documents pre-mid-year and post school year testing & assessment.
  21. Provide input into the development of the IEP in collaboration with sending school districts based on informal/formal testing, teacher observations and student performance.
  22. Provide IEP case management, educational collaboration and maximum mastery of all goals.
  23. Presents student’s school performance data outlining; attendance, behavior and academics.
  24. Collaborates pre-planning with principal, SW- clinical team member, parents, school districts, surrogates etc. minimum of 5 school days in advance.
  25. Demonstrates familiarity through discussion of special education curricular adaptations and social skill curricula as these apply to individual students.
  26. Completes all agency trainings and requirements.




  • DSAP, Initial, Provisional or professional Connecticut State Special Education Teaching Certification is required.
  • Previous experience working with special education students.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in special education.
  • Must fulfill competency based training requirements in TCI and Boys & Girls Village Social Skills Model.
  • Must be able to respond to crisis, including the ability to physically restrain if necessary.




  • Master’s Degree in Special Education
  • Demonstrated ability in managing discipline, activities and special programs for students with special needs.
  • Ability to maintain calm, collegial relationships with students, staff and community. 
  • Commitment to learning as an ongoing opportunity and professional imperative.







  • Must be able to respond to crisis, including the ability to physically restrain if necessary.
  • Must pass physical exam requirement.


Boys & Girls Village takes pride in the supportive, team-oriented work environment we offer to current and prospective employees. We offer a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, life insurance, short and long-term disability, a retirement plan and generous vacation benefits. In addition, it is our goal to assure that the highest quality of care is provided to our clients by our competent, committed employees. To that end, we encourage professional development through our tuition reimbursement program and promote continued growth through various learning opportunities. 

Boys & Girls Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We accept resumes on an ongoing basis. Due to the large volume of resumes that we receive, we kindly ask that you do not inquire via telephone about the status of your resume. You can be assured that if you do not hear from us, your resume will be held on file for future consideration.

PLEASE NOTE:Due to the Department of Children & Families regulations, we are prohibited from hiring anyone with a pending charges or convictions of assault or a violent crime; risk of injury to a minor; impairing the morals of a child; physical or sexual abuse, possession; use or sale of a controlled substance; similar crimes.

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.