Boys and Girls Village

Adolescent Sexual Behavior Treatment & Education Program (ASBTEP)

The Adolescent Sexual Behavior Treatment and Education Program (ASBTEP) is a community-based program for juveniles who have manifested inappropriate sexual behavior resulting in their court involvement; where treatment, education and rehabilitative services (that include the juvenile and family) will be provided. The ASBTEP will conduct an intake and assessment, provide sexuality education, care management as well as comprehensive, individualized treatment.

The ASBTEP will offer two service levels based on the inappropriate sexual behaviors exhibited by the juvenile.

  • Level One services will be for juveniles whose behaviors are not pathological and/or result from lack of knowledge and boundaries. Services in this level include Sexuality Education and Case Management. The approximate length of service is from one to three months.
  • Level Two services will be for clients whose behaviors are pathological, may include a victim, and/or are outside of standard adolescent behaviors. Services in this level include Sexuality Education, Case Management and Individualized Treatment. The length of these services is approximately three to twelve months.

The program will also collaborate with families, ensuring that case planning is centered on family strengths, needs and resources.


Referrals will be made to ASBTEP directly from CSSD / Juvenile Probation Officer (JPO).

For more information contact the ASBTEP Program Manager at 203-330-6790.