Boys and Girls Village

Safe Haven Residential

Safe Haven is a 12-bed residential treatment facility for boys between the ages of 12 and 18 who exhibit problem sexual behavior (‘PSB’).

Holistic, best practice approach for improved outcomes

At Boys & Girls Village, we use a holistic approach to assess and serve our clients by addressing and assessing all factors including social, interpersonal, family, capacity for empathy and moral development, educational functioning and what experiences he may have experienced that have influenced the expression of his PSB. 

Our treatments are conducted by experienced and trained staff who collaborate to develop individualized and customized interventions.

The program relies on “proven” strategies for intervening with PSB youth. Understanding the primacy of focus on the actual offense, staff are trained in Timothy Kahn’s Pathways, an industry standard methodology. Every week, clients participate in both a structured Pathways group as well as in an open ended discussion group. Additionally, BGV clinicians meet with clients weekly.

Safe Haven clients typically participate for 9 to 12 months, providing that the client family participates in treatment and there is appropriate aftercare services available. The specific length of stay is not fixed and will be based on a collaborative assessment of safety/risk and progress made to succeed in a less restrictive setting.

Family support is critical to success

Timothy Kahn’s Healthy Families program is the basis of our family support model. Family therapy with a clinician is provided on a weekly basis. An additional home visit with qualified staff provides support from the start of the program.

Because integration with the family is essential to placing clients back in home and community, we provide monthly family activities and support services. Ultimately, the decision to deliver a client back into their family and community is a highly collaborative process in which we expect stakeholders such as DCF, parole and probation to be involved.

Experiential therapies

Many PSB youth demonstrate a variety of social and relational deficits. To help clients prepare for success, BGV provides opportunities through psycho-educational groups throughout the week. Groups include anger management, problem solving, and family issues.

A certified recreational therapist offers recreational groups and Project Adventure (a challenge ropes course). 

BGV also provides occupational therapy/evaluation including art therapy, martial arts and more. We also have a fitness room as well as biofeedback sessions to assist clients in managing their emotions and physical responses. 

We have found that experiential therapies and “hands on” activities work well for our clients. By building on client strengths, we are able to support clients of all type and at all levels of functioning. 

Program requirements and eligibility

The clients served in Safe Haven have been identified by the legal system or DCF as being at moderate to severe risk for recidivism for problem sexual behavior, or engaging in sexualized behaviors which are not amenable to an outpatient setting. Additional clients are admitted from less intensive services that are unable to provide safety for the community and the treatment required. Safe Haven has a maximum capacity of 12 clients.

In addition, BGV recognizes that many of PSB clients have experienced significant trauma in their lives. All staff in the agency has been trained in Risking Connections, a trauma focused training which provides a framework in which to view client’s issues and behaviors. All clinicians are trained in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Safe Haven employs a behavior management system based upon a social skills model, reviewed daily, providing rewards incentives, and consequences. The Cornell Method of Crisis Intervention is utilized, as well as the trauma informed model Risking Connections. 

All referrals originate from DCF.

For more information, please call (203) 877-0300 x204.